Do you even lift?

As many of you know, fitness and nutrition are a huge part of my life. My husband being a personal trainer; we spend a significant amount of time in the gym every day. I was thinking today about how all the crazy folk in the gym make up one of the most encouraging, accepting and motivating communities I’ve ever been a part of. With the hope of giving you a little motivation to hit the gym or push your goals even further, here are some of my favorite things about working out:

  1. A work out is always an accomplishment. No matter how absolutely terrible your day was, you can always feel proud and accomplished after hitting the gym. It is sometimes the only part of my day when I feel like I got anything productive done but, sometimes that’s all I need to feel proud of myself at the end of the day. I know that I worked hard for something that is bettering myself as a person and healthy for my body.
  2. You meet people who encourage you, push you and motivate you to better yourself. Once you get in the gym, you fall into a support system that holds you accountable and keeps you pushing forward. On those hard days, my gym friends pull out the greatness in me that I’m struggling to find. They’re always there to remind me that dreams and goals are limitless and there is always room for improvement.
  3. A workout is an outlet for stress. I find on those hard, frustrating days when nothing seems to be going right or maybe I’ve been in an argument with someone… I just bike it out. I’m always amazed with how my perspective changes after a really good bike! I get that adrenaline pumping and the bad part of my day doesn’t seem to matter anymore.
  4. You rock your body. I found that as soon as I started working out again after a significant amount of time off, I felt way more confident in myself right away. I know I’m making an effort to look after myself and be healthy. Investing myself into an active healthy lifestyle produces results I can be proud of!
  5. You can apply lessons about lifting weights to every area of your life. Working out is a process much like every other area of your life where you have a goal and dream. It takes work, patience, time, energy and devotion. You learn what it is to really work for something. You learn what it is to push through failures and off days. You’re determination and motivation to succeed increases and then you can reap the benefits of hard work.

And one of my personal favorites:

  1. You can eat more food. Actually, you’re greatly encouraged to eat more food when your metabolism picks up and you’re lifting every day. I love eating good healthy food and I can also feel good about eating a treat once in a while… or everyday if your me and have minimal self-control. Hehe

I encourage you to find a work out buddy and hit the gym. Even a few times a week makes a huge difference. Take care of your bodies friends; it’s the only place you have to live.

…. Do you even lift?


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